Pie-O-Neer Pizza Bar


Pie-O-Neer Pizza Bar

3376 Princess Anne Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Pie-O-Neer Pizza Bar’s FB page

Pie-O-Neer Pizza Bar, the pizzeria formerly known as zPizza, is a create your own pizza shop that features a myriad of topping choices for your special, just how you like it, pizza pie. 

This place is pretty new, and the employees, are friendly.  The service is fairly quick, it was about a 10 minute wait for my pizza to be fired up in one of their multiple pizza ovens. 

The toppings included both vegan and non-vegan choices.  The vegan options were Daiya cheese, Gardein veggie burger crumbles, artichokes, button mushrooms, black olives, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, and more.



 I simply ordered the 10″ Vegan pizza on white crust (wheat and gluten-free crusts were available).  It included all of the toppings listed above on a thin, crispy crust.

I’m not a fan of Daiya cheese if it’s not melted (Who is?), but it’s pretty damn good on pizza since it gets super creamy and complements any toppings you could possible have. 

The crust was perfect, the toppings were fresh and flavorful, and the 10″ size was just right. I didn’t get too much flavor from the tomato sauce, but I didn’t miss it.   

Dig it or Ditch it

Dig it!  I like the whole concept of customizable pizza, and the fact that they include vegan options, is awesome.  I even told the employee working there (he may have been the owner) that it’s cool that he had this, and he was very appreciative of the compliment (Hooray, Business 101!).  Based on that interaction alone, and even if the pizza wasn’t great, I would have returned. When I do visit again, I’ll be more creative and try the wheat crust with some crazy toppings. 

If you’ve been here let me know!  What are some pizza combinations that you like?

The Skinny Dip


985 Providence Road (Providence Square Shopping Center)

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

Atmosphere:  I’ve eaten at this build-your-own- massive-froyo-sundae place two times.  Both times, they had 1 vegan option available, and one time I was out of luck because there wasn’t a vegan option for that day (check their website or Facebook to make sure).


My first adventure I got “German Chocolate Cake”, which was awesome because my Dad loved it and we would have it on his Bday. I added toasted coconut and Oreos from the toppings bar. The flavor was pretty spot on! Super sweet and creamy, with nutty flavor thanks to the coconut. And… Oreos are kind of like avocados to me, they make everything better.  It would have been fine on its own, but don’t expect me to walk away from Oreos. Not gonna happen. 

On my second adventure, I got the “Cake Batter” flavor with of course, more Oreos.  Just like the last time, this froyo was super sweet and creamy.  It had a strong vanilla flavor, just like actual cake batter. Good Job, Skinny Dip! 

Just so you know, this place does not charge by size. They charge by weight. So both of these were between $6 – $7 a pop. Not cheap, but either is vegan ice cream in general. 

Dig It or Ditch It?

Dig it!! The vegan flavors I have tried have been great. I like the fact that you can check the day’s flavors online, so you know when you will find a vegan option. The toppings bar was awesome and include fresh fruit, granola, and of course, crushed Oreos. Give this place a try, but don’t go too too crazy, remember they charge by weight! Let me know how you like it! 

The Green Cat Juice Bar and Market


3801 Pacific Ave.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451


Atmosphere: Go put on a pair of (vegan) Birkenstocks, download The Doors Greatest Hits from iTunes, and roll up a fat… lettuce wrap on your way to the oceanfront.  This small restaurant/shop channels the hungry souls of Hendrix and Joplin, all while serving you a $9 smoothie.  The front end of the store sells vegan leather bags, jewelry, stationary, and other souvenirs. The restaurant’s menu is all vegan and organic, making ordering a simple task… or so I thought.  With a multitude of smoothies, smoothie bowls, salads, oatmeal options, and soups to choose from, I appreciated the friendly suggestions from the counter girl.  This place has windows throughout, so there’s  no shortage of sunshine… which adds to the overall relaxing and cheerful vibes.  There is patio section, with even more sunlight, and a small green house (What exactly are you growing in there, huh?)



After deliberating  for quite some time, I decided on the “Sippin’ on Zen” smoothie, for $9.00 (no, that is not a typo), and the “No Chicken” Salad for $12.00. The smoothie was thick, flavorful, and an absolute treat.   Bananas, strawberries, almond milk, and agave made it sweet and fresh, while almond butter gave it a rich, smooth texture and taste.


The salad was interesting. It was everything that you would find in a traditional chicken salad… like onion, tomato, celery, pepper, carrots, broccoli, and it even had raisins… only with no chicken. I was expecting a meat alternative to be in it, and I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of throwing sweet fruit into mixtures of savory ingredients. However,  the mix of the sweet raisins and savory vegetables in a creamy cashew dill dressing was actually pretty pleasant.  It was crunchy, tangy, and sweet… not at all what I expected, but shockingly good.


For the hippy vibes, the fresh all vegan menu, and the overall groovy atmosphere of this place, I’ll say that there is vegan treasure here! I DIG IT! While this place is expensive, it wouldn’t be a daily (or even weekly) stop on my list… but for a fun, healthy spot to hit up while vacationing or hanging on the beach, this place is perfect.  Dab on some patchouli, dig out that tie dye t-shirt you made in 4th grade summer camp, and get your little hippie butt to The Green Cat and let me know what you liked best!

Guads Mexican Restaurant 


200 21st Street #106

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

(757) 961-4011

Atmosphere: This oceanfront location is Super casual, laid back, and gives off come here and party vibes.  There’s pleny of indoor and outdoor seating, just steps away from the water. Gigantic margarita bowls, frozen daiquiris and piña coladas make it easy to stay here awhile after a nice day on the beach.

Food: Upon arrival, we were served free chips and salsa, pictured above. The tortilla chips didn’t appear to be made in-house… but hey, they were crunchy, salty,and held up the salsa, so job well-done Chips!  The mild salsa was fresh, had chunky pieces of tomato and onion, and a great cilantro flavor.  Check out the poncho on the Corona!

I ordered the “Fresh Guacamole” for $8.00, pictured above. At first taste, I got a mouthful of lime flavor, then onion, and last avocado. I describe this as more of a salad than a traditional creamy guacamolé, because the avocado, onion, green pepper, and cilantro were not blended together whatsoever. The ingredients were extremely fresh, and I did noticed a subtle spice, but didn’t find any jalapeño peppers in the mixture.

 Next, I tried the Vegetarian Fajitas ($12) and specifically asked for no sour cream or cheese. The tortillas were warm and chewy.  The rice was perfectly cooked and had a mild flavor.  The tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, and onions were fresh and offered cooling relief when wrapped up with the fajita vegetables. The only descernable flavor that the mixture of cauliflower, zucchini, onion, carrots, and green peppers offered was a strong smokey grilled flavor. All together,  the flavors blended nicely. (I did not eat the refried beans… They are sometimes made with dairy, and since things are often lost in translation, I just skipped them over.)

I also ordered a piña colada (small-$5) which was flavorful, had bits of pineapple,  and (most importantly) contained a good amount of rum. The large was $10… (Darn, maybe next time). ¡Salud!


The Get-Your-Party-On-Friendly-Beach Vibes, fresh ingredients, fair prices, and fast service makes this a definite “DIG IT!“. So put on your best pair of flip flops and get your butt over there after a beach day!  Have yourself a great time and a drink for me!

¡Buen provecho!

My Vegan Sweet Tooth


3916 Virginia Beach Boulevard

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452

(757) 339-2794



Holy Irony, Batman! I’ve been wanting to try this place for quite some time now, and decided to give it a go on the same day that I had a harrowing trip to the dental office (Get it? My Vegan Sweet Tooth)!

This super cute bakery/coffee house, located in a strip mall, sends out vibes that invite you to stay a while.  The bakery case contained various vegan treats like chocolate chip cookies, gluten-free cupcakes, banana walnut bread, and more. You know how when you walk into a traditional bakery, you see rows upon rows of baked goods that seemed to be made mindlessly by a robot? Not this place. Each item was displayed proudly, obviously made with pride and care.  As I spoke with the extremely polite and friendly owner (whom, by the way, did not seem to mind my minor slurring… I wasn’t joking when I said I had a dental procedure done earlier in the day) this sentiment was proven to be true.  Although I did not try the coffee (Gasp! Is my addiction over?), I saw plenty of non-dairy creamers that could be used.


I ordered the Espresso Cupcake ($3.50), Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1)  and a Brownie Bite ($1), which where all packaged up for me to go.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie made all of my vegan sweet teeth (Yes, I happen to have many in this mouth of mine), scream for joy. It is exactly what I look for… a good amount of chocolate chips, chewy texture, and not the least bit overdone.

The Brownie Bite, oh my…the Brownie Bite. So chocolately, and light, I’m in love!  Sometimes vegan brownies can be so dense and heavy that they’re kind of off-putting and unpleasant to eat. Not this one. With a chocolate drizzle on top, and chocolate chips throughout, let’s just say I could easily put away about 10 of these with no problem whatsoever.

Now, the finale! The Espresso Cupcake. I am admittedly a coffee addict. The only thing that I might like more than the actual thing is coffee in cake form. I saw it, and I new it had to be mine. The little chocolate covered espresso bean on top, along with the chocolate drizzle, was quite impressive paired up with the light and airy coffee flavored frosting. Although there was absolutely no skimping on coffee flavor, it was smooth and not at all overwhelming. The cake itself was chocolate and had an abundance of chocolate chips (Cheers for texture!). It was a perfectly baked, moist platform for the awesome toppings listed above.


DIG IT! Ladies and Gentlebeans, we have struck vegan gold here! Every item I tried was evidently baked with expertise and care.  I will be returning with a fistful of cash to try all that My Vegan Sweet Tooth has to offer (without the consent of my dentist). Give it a try and let me know what your favorite item is!