Soul Shine Cosmetics – Holiday Collection Reviews!

Company: Soul Shine Cosmetics


All Natural Owl Soy Candle

Cinnamon Apple Pie Lip Scrub

Green Tea Bath Bomb

Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath Bomb


The holiday season is here which means my vegan treasure hunt for delicious flavors, warm scents, and fantastic gifts has begun!

I’ve been a huge fan of Soul Shine Cosmetics since trying their tropical bath bombs and lip scrub a few month ago. Check out my review here! I’m thrilled to share my review of their holiday items which are perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for even the pickiest of people on your holiday shopping list! Let’s go!

The all natural, chemical free, soy Owl Candle is as cute as can be! Since it is scented with Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Orange essential oils, it is a healthy alternative to the not-so-good-for-you candles that you can get at the store. The scent is fresh and natural and the glass owl jar is an adorable addition to any decor! This is perfect for hostess gifts, teachers, or just about anyone!

Ooh baby…. the Cinnamon Apple Pie Lip Scrub is a delicious sugar scrub that’s made with coconut and jojoba oil to really moisturize your lips! All you do is massage a small amount on your lips and BAM! They’re softer and smoother… not to mention this stuff tastes exactly like apple pie (no need to rinse it off, just lick it off of your lips for a low calorie snack!)! Love it!

This time of year can get hectic! Not to worry. The Green Tea Bath Bomb contains green tea, grapefruit oil, lemon essential oil & vanilla extract. This blend dissolves in your bathtub to create a truly relaxing (and much needed) bath to calm your nerves and recharge. Inhale the light and fresh scent as you let go of the holiday traffic, crowded stores, recipes, travel plans and when- the-heck-is-my-package-going-to-be-delivered type of worries that come along with the season!

The Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath Bomb is another fabulous bath bomb that is sure to please! Not sure of what to get someone? Or maybe you need a little treat? You can’t go wrong with a vanilla bath bomb! This little guy will fill your bathroom with the scent of warm vanilla (like sugar cookies) and let you take some time for yourself! Go ahead, spend an hour in the bathtub. You deserve it!

The Bottom Line

Soul Shine Cosmetics makes wonderful, high-quality products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and perfect for everyone on your list! You really can’t go wrong… the bath bombs smell amazing, the lip scrubs soften even the most chapped, winter lips (and they’re pretty much dessert in a jar) and the Owl Candles will make anyone smile! Head on over to their website to check out all of their products!

Thank you, Soul Shine Cosmetics, for sending me these products to review!!! Of course, I’ve included these products in my 2017 Vegan Holiday Gift Guide, so go and take a look!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Soul Shine Cosmetics Review

Company: Soul Shine Cosmetics

“Here at Soul Shine Cosmetics our number one goal is taking care of you and your SKIN. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and deserves to be cared for with top of the line luxury products. Here you will find home made, natural, organic, and eco-friendly products that will give you the healthiest skin possible. No chemicals, detergents, or synthetic ingredients are used in our skin care products. We use natural butters, oils, clay, glycerine, and other natural ingredients to provide your skin with the vitamins, moisture, and antioxidants it needs to heal itself to become healthy and stay healthy. Please keep in mind it only takes 26 seconds for chemicals from your bath and beauty products to enter your blood stream. Choose wisely! All ingredients used are bought in the USA and all products are hand crafted on the North Carolina coast. We are a vegan and cruelty free company. We guarantee these products will make your skin and soul SHINE!”


Lime in the Coconut Bath Bomb $4.09 USD

Solar Flare Bath Bomb $4.09 USD

Romance Milk Bomb $4.99 USD

Edible Lemon Blueberry Lip Scrub $6.99 USD


If you’re in need of a vacation (who isn’t?), let’s talk about the Lime in the Coconut Bath Bomb. As soon as you drop this bad boy into the bathtub its sure to remind you of a tropical cocktail that you wish you were drinking! It’s wonderful fragrance is a mix of bright and fresh lime with sweet coconut that’ll transport you to a gorgeous picturesque beach vacation. This is truly a fabulous way to take a 30 minute vacation in your own bathroom!

The Solar Flare Bath Bomb is like pure summer sunshine! It’s sweet, super lemon-y scent is SO refreshing, making this the perfect warm weather bath treat! It makes your bath water bright yellow and leaves a subtle lemon scent on your skin. What a fun way to take a bath!

The Romance Milk Bomb‘s fragrance is a fabulous blend of rose and vanilla. The sweet floral scent instantly creates a sense of luxury and relaxation while dried rose petals add a touch of romance. It’s a bit like soaking in a giant cup of rose tea!

The Edible Lemon Blueberry Lip Scrub tastes like a huge sip of sweet and fruity blueberry lemonade! It’s sugar based and gently scrubs away any dry skin from your lips. It’s perfect to use before lipstick to make sure your smackers look healthy and smooth. I couldn’t help but lick this off of my lips! (I still have a craving for lemonade)

The Bottom Line

Soul Shine Cosmetics creates fabulous and fun products that are natural, vegan and cruelty free. The fragrances are outstanding and products themselves are high quality. I absolutely ADORE the summer scents, and look forward to trying more from this brand! Try out some products and let me know how you like them!

Thank you, Soul Shine Cosmetics, for sending me these products to review!