Please Help Stop Norway’s Cruel Wolf Hunt!

Please take a moment to help save Norway’s already endangered wolf population! With approximately 60 remaining wolves in the county, their survival depends on us!

Please sign my alert written for In Defense of Animals, here. Thank you for caring!

YuLin Dog Meat Eating Festival Starts Tomorrow…

Despite international outrage, the dog meat eating festival in YuLin will be taking place. Slaughterhouses have been filled with strays, dogs taken from families’ homes, and dogs bought for slaughter, for months. The dogs have been tortured, burned and dismembered while alive… In front of audiences for entertainment and because these “people” decided that the adrenaline produced by these terrified dogs makes them “taste better.”

It is hard to think of something like this happening… And it feels even worse that it hasn’t been stopped.

However, many rescue groups have rescued dogs from these horrid conditions. The Compassion Project by Animal Hope and Wellness, as of the last day or so, has successfully shut down a slaughterhouse in YuLin, and is in the process of shutting down more. It is heroes like these that give us all hope.  Please donate to the rescue efforts.  The rescued animals need medical treatments, transportation, and eventually, new homes. They are counting on us.

Help Stop the Promotion of Animal Cruelty on Social Media

Social media, in particularly Instagram, has become an breeding ground for hunters posting their bloody animal “trophies.”  Why would this be allowed if other pictures and accounts involving violence are banned? These pictures promote violence towards animals, which is especially disturbing because of the young users on Instagram that are susceptible to these types of images.
Please help put an end to posting pictures of animal violence by signing my petition below.  The animals thank you!

Help Put an End to Cosmetic Testing on Animals! This is BIG!

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.53.03 PM

This is a screenshot from The Humane Society of the United States… we are getting closer and closer to eliminating animal testing in the cosmetics industry! Please click the link below to call/email your legislator and to send out a prewritten letter to help this cause (Click on the ACT NOW option with the bunnies!). I sent emails to 3 state reps, and even the White House! Every little bit helps! This is a dream, and it is almost coming true! Please help!

Humane Society