Stickers For Animals Review – Simple Activism That Anyone Can Do!

Company: Stickers For Animals

“10% of proceeds donated to animal protection non-profits”

“Printed on 100% recycled material”


Do you want a simple and effective way to educate people about the animal products that they are at the store to buy?

These activism stickers from Stickers For Animals have great information and pack a punch! I was sent the #DitchDairy stickers, which are perfect to stick on milk containers, cheese or other dairy products at the store.

Stickers For Animals has 20 sticker designs addressing different aspects of veganism and animal use which can be put just about anywhere to remind and inform people of what they are actually paying for with their money. Reminding people that with that carton of milk or package of meat, they are funding the torture and slaughter of innocent animals.

Generally, people choose not to think about how their food gets to their plate, but these stickers give them a quick wake up call. Activism at it’s finest!

The Bottom Line

Stickers For Animals makes activism simple and possible for everyone that wants to make a difference. If you are able to put a sticker on something, you are able to start standing up for animals! Gone are the days of having to be the “preachy vegan”! Just put a sticker on it!

These stickers are great conversation starters, not to mention they’re made of 100% recycled materials so they’re great for the earth as well! Stick them on products, in restaurants and stores… anywhere that could use some Animal Rights info!

I highly recommend these stickers to anybody that wants to speak up for animals!


Buh-bye, Milk! 

It’s no surprise that the meat and dairy industry is experiencing significant losses over the past few years…
People are waking up! Milk isn’t good for you, and it’s time we un-brainwash ourselves! Milk contains large amounts of pus and bacteria, not to mention antibiotics, steroids, cholesterol, and other contaminants that I don’t even want to think about. Milk also makes the human body acidic, which the body tries to correct by releasing calcium into the blood stream. Where does that calcium come from? 

Yup! You guessed it! It comes from your bones, leaving them in worse shape than before you drank that glass of milk in the first place. Just fyi, the same thing happens when you eat ANY animal products. 

So… this whole time the milk and dairy industry was lying to you. 

Milk is also responsible for the killing of baby cows. Female cows are artificially inseminated to keep them pregant, over and over again. Many people think they just make milk… Nope, just like female humans, they need to be pregnant to do so. Once they give birth, the baby is immediately ripped away from the mother and shoved into a tiny, filth crate where it will stay for a few months, only to be slaughtered for veal. This process emotionally destroys the mother. She is then impregnated again, or is killed for beef. 

Sound insane, disgusting, and cruel? 
Well, you’re right. It is. 

Try plant-based milk. Try almond, cashew, or coconut milk… all cruelty free and infinitely healthier. 

Congrats to Elmhurst Dairy for changing your ways and realizing that plants are the future!