Hell’s Kitchen


124 Granby Street

Norfolk, VA 23510


Did you grow up in the 90’s or early ’00’s? If so, this place is totally your grungy little cup of tea.  Blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, and Bush… This place is a definite throwback. Dimly lit, red walls, and black and white furniture really drives home the theme and motif of Hell’s Kitchen. I mean, they even had this Donnie Darko painting in the wall!


Ok, now on to the important stuff.  This place had their own vegan section on the menu… Always a good sign.  You can check it out on the website linked above, but this is what these Hell’s Kitchen cooks had to offer:

Told you it was dimly lit! I ordered the Ficken Quesadilla and Buffalo Ficken Wrap, for $10 a pop.

The Ficken Quesadilla pictured below was exactly what I wanted. Hot, with melted cheese (I suspect it was Daiya), with a good amount of grilled “Ficken”, red and green peppers and onions, all grilled up in a fresh, chewy yet crispy wrap. Each ingredient played well with each other… The medium spice salsa paired wonderfully with the cool tomatoes and creamy Daiya. The Ficken added substance and flavor, for a wonderfully well-rounded, kick ass quesadilla.

Next up was the Buffalo Ficken Wrap. Now let me preface this by saying my spice detecting tastebuds are hyperactive… Meaning that when faced with spice, I’m a wuss. But hey, I was at a place called Hell’s Kitchen, so I had to try it.

The wrap came in the same tortilla as the quesadilla, which was fine with me since it was a great chewy texture and strong enough to hold the wrap together.  The Ficken itself was covered in Buffalo sauce… A medium slow burning spice that set my tongue and lips up in flames (get it? Flames? Hell’s Kitchen?). The wrap had a decent amount of Ficken, along with tomato, lettuce, and onions but the veggies did very little to cool things down. I’m going to be honest, I only ate half of this in the actual restaurant (my mouth couldn’t take it). I would have loved some vegan bleu cheese or ranch dressing with this.. It would bring it from an “B” to an “A+”.

The “cut fries” stole the show… I mean look at those beauties! Light, crispy, and full of flavor… I’d come back for these!!


Dig it!!! There’s definitely some grunge rock treasure here! The dim lights, throwback alt rock, and flavorful, fresh, food makes this place perfect for just hanging out. I’ll be back with some vegan bleu cheese dressing!

Whiskey Kitchen


2149 General Booth Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VIrginia 23454


Loud, busy, fun.  If you’re from the area, you know most places are pretty crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, especially this time of year.  I like seeing people out having a grand old time, eating, laughing, and drinking the week’s stress away.  I mean, why not???


This place was typical in appearance; tables booths, and dimly lit. The menu included; salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and other  standards. Not many vegan options jumped out at me except for the Buffalo Cauliflower Bites ($9). The waitress assured me that they were fried in oil, not butter, and went back to ask the cook if they were vegan (Thanks, buddy!).

I’ve always wanted to try cauliflower “wings”.  Back in the day, I loved spicy wings, so how come I haven’t made these for myself?? Anywayyyy, I ordered them and couldn’t wait!! I also ordered the Hummus Wrap ($8).

Look at these things!!! LOOK AT THEM! Huge pieces of cauliflower, fried until hot and crispy and showered with spicy (but not too spicy) buffalo sauce. Holy Mother, these were fabulous. Obviously, I didn’t eat them with the ranch dip or cheese (those were for my boyfriend), I ate them as-is, but hot damn these were amazing! I never wanted them to stop!

Then. I was served the hummus wrap. A typical wheat wrap, with typical hummus, and typical vegetables. Compared to what I just ate, this just might have been the dullest, least exciting thing I’ve ever had.


Dig it!! We’ve found treasure here!! The Buffalo Cauliflower Bites are worth the trip alone. The friendly and accommodating wait staff and fun atmosphere makes this a great place to be. There are several other items on the menu that are vegan or could be made vegan, so check them out! I’ll be back for sure for the cauliflower (maybe with a bottle of vegan blue cheese in my bag!).