Happy Mother’s Day to All!

This Mother’s Day, I ask you to not only think about your own mom, but to think of all the mom’s on this planet that love their children. Whether you’re taking your mom out to brunch, you haven’t seen your mom in awhile, or even if they are no longer living, there is most certainly and undeniably a natural bond between mothers and their babies.


This Mother’s Day, consider the grieving diary cow that had her calf stolen from her only moments after given birth. Think of the mother goat that was slaughtered for meat and didn’t get to see her babies grow up. Think of the mother sheep that witnesses her children’s wool being ripped from their skin… the mother pig that watches her piglets waste away in filthy cages or get smashed against concrete for being “too small.” Think of the baby chickens that will miss out on a life with their mom and are ground up alive only seconds after being born.


All Mother’s love their children. All beings want and deserve to be loved. A cow, a pig, a chicken, a deer… they are no different than us.


This Mother’s Day, please open your heart and mind and consider going vegan. Feel free to check out my Instagram @VeganTreasureHunter or send me an email at Vegantreasurehunter@gmail.com if you’d like some help! You can also check out my Resources page to learn more!




Join the Worldwide Vegan Chalk Bomb!!!

This weekend, help share inspiring and informative quotes around your city/town!

Worldwide Vegan Chalk Bomb is a fun way to spark the curiosity of others in a positive and non-confrontational way. Check out the Facebook event, here.

You may have an event happening in your area, but you don’t need to have an official event to participate! Just grab some chalk and get to work!

Take pictures of your chalk-activism and share to your socials using #veganchalkbomb

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Demes Natural Products Review

Company: Demes Natural Products

“A family company that makes natural vegan products suitable for everyone of all ages, two legs or four.”

Vegan, Cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny Certified,  Plant-based ingredients

Manufactured in Ottawa, Canada


“BUTTER ME UP” Moisturizer Stick

“LOOK MA, CLEAN HANDS” Hand and Body Soap

“GET the FUNK OUT” Multi-use Deodorizing Spray


The “BUTTER ME UP” Moisturizer Stick is made with Shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil which give this stick its moisturizing powers. This little wonder can be used on your lips, body, and even your pup’s paws! The packaging is compostable and cute as can be, and it is perfect to throw in your bag and apply throughout the day.

I used this product as a giant lip balm. It moisturized perfectly and left a very subtle sheen. It’s not sticky in the slightest and it glides on smoothly and easily. I used it on my arms after several hours in the sun and I also used it on my dry as heck elbows. It moisturized without feeling greasy, Hooray! It definitely made a difference!

The primary ingredients of the “LOOK MA, CLEAN HANDS” Hand and Body Soap are coconut oil, olive oil, and aloe. Geranium and bergamot oil give it a floral, fresh, and natural fragrance. This special soap can be rubbed into the skin, wiped and/or rinsed off. I took the traditional route and tested it under running water. It foams up easily and leaves hands feeling clean (not dry at all). It can be used as body wash or even as dog shampoo!

The “GET the FUNK OUT” Multi-use Deodorizing Spray is a very interesting product. It is an all natural deodorant for the air, surfaces, and  body! I tried the Lemongrass Lavender scented spray, and let me say, this is so cool! Truthfully, I’m not a huge lavender fan, but the lemongrass gives it a strong citrus kick and vanilla brings in some sweetness. Again, this product can be used on just about everything to “get the funk out” including my flats that I wore in the rain a few days ago that weren’t smelling too fresh. They do now! As a bonus, the spray contains coconut and olive oil so it moisturizes as it kicks smelliness to the curb. How cool!

The Bottom Line
I think it’s awesome that these products are multifunctional and can be used by everyone in the family including the pups! The packaging is wonderful. It looks fun and fresh and is easily taken on the go. The products themselves are effective and get the job done. Demes Natural Skin Care is truly a special brand with unique products and I highly recommend giving them a try!
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