Links and Resources

Some informative documentaries (many, if not all, are available on Netflix) that explain how plant-based diets save animals, improve people’s health, and help the environment include:

What the Health  – MUST SEE!

Forks Over Knives

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead



Earthlings – MUST SEE!

Food, Inc

Food Matters


For tips, recipes, shopping lists and more, download In Defense of Animals’ Vegan Starter Guide!

For information and/or vegan recipes, try out these websites:

For delicious plant-based products, try: (meat alternatives like Turk’y, black bean burgers, chipotle lime chiken tenders, BBQ wings, and many others) (mayonaise and butter alternatives, awesome chips and popcorn, mac ‘n cheeze, and other snacks) (excellent milk alternatives and ice cream) (try the Chao Cheese!) (insanely good cheese, the infamous Veganaise mayo replacement, dressings, and more) (tasty meat alternatives)

Search these common tags on Instagram and social media to see what vegans are eating and doing all over the world:








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