September & October Favorites

Well, hello there! Happy Halloween! I’ve been hunting for some great products these last couple of months, and here’s what I’ve found! 

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First, you CANNOT miss Little Secrets Peanut Butter Butter Dark Chocolate candies… they’re a mix of a crunchy candy shell, dark chocolate, and smooth peanut butter. They’re basically like eating a vegan combo of M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. The raspberry flavor is great too… sweet raspberry and dark chocolate, what’s not to like? 

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I’ve been using Renpure hair products for about a year now. Of course, they’re vegan and cruelty free, and feature coconuts as a main ingredient, in some form or another! Currently, I’m using the Coconut Creme Nourishing Shampoo and Bamboo Coconut Water Conditioner. Their products smell delicious and get the job done! You can find their products at Target!

Next up, the amazing Pure Genius Chocolate Chunk Blondie, made from chick peas! This blondie is a like sweet, chewy, and satisfying chocolate chip cookie! I found these bad boys at Whole Foods. Give ’em a try! 

Of course I can’t forget another sweet treat (hooray for sugar!), the Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie White Chocolate Chip Macadamia flavor. This thing is vegan, soy free, made with Non-GMO ingredients, and is packed with 16 grams of protein. Umm… how awesome is it to eat a delicious cookie for breakfast and feel good about it?

Last but definitely not least, Leonardo DiCaprio continues his efforts to save the environment after Cowspiracy, with his new documentary, “Beyond The Flood.” This doc focuses on human activity and the need for immediate change in order to save the planet from global warming. It also includes scientific research and explanations as to why the United States government has done very little regarding environmental issues, despite the fact that it is now crucial for humans to change their lifestyles to preserve wildlife, as well as clean air and water. Watch “Beyond The Flood” on YouTube for free, here.

Oh, and if you want my recipe for the fabulous caramel apples pictured at the beginning of this post, check it out on

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a happy and healthy Halloween!

July’s Treasure Hunt

I’ve found a lot of great vegan snack foods this month… So let’s dive right in!

First up, are Margherita Pizza Plentils. These little lentil based chips are an absolute miracle! I had my doubts when it came to the “pizza” flavor, but Damn! The cheesy, zesty flavor kicked me right in the taste buds and I devoured the entire bag. I found these at Whole Foods, and will definitely be trying out the other flavors. You’re welcome. 

Like mint and chocolate? Kind Bar Dark Chocolate Almond Mint bar will not disappoint! I used to love York Peppermint Patties, but they contain egg whites for some reason, so I haven’t had one in a very long time.  These Kind Bars have crunchy almonds, rich dark chocolate, and a surprisingly strong mint flavor.  Try one and let me know what you think!

So Delicous Cashewmilk Snickerdoodle Ice Cream… I’ve heard great things about this stuff, but I’ve only had actual Snickerdoodle cookies once or twice, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay $6 for this.  Well, on a late night shopping trip, I bought it. This stuff is good! It’s made with cashew milk, so it’s super creamy. There’s a strong cinnamon flavor, and there are pieces of Snickerdoodle cookie dough throughout. The flavor is spot on!

Califia Farms Full Shot Cold Brew is phenomenal! If you’ve read my blog before, or follow me on IG, you might know that I’m a coffee addict to the billionth degree, and I love trying out new caffeinated drinks. This drink has much caffeine as a cup of coffee and also has added protein, so it’s awesome as a snack/pick me up. Just remember to shake it up before you drink it!
What have you found this month??

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June’s Treasure Hunt

The summer is officially here in the mountains of North Carolina, and it’s time to talk about some of the vegan treasures I’ve found!

First up …. Trader Joe’s Coconut Strips!  These coconut strips are super sweet, chewy, and cheap! For $2, you get a fantastic snack that tastes like tropical candy! 

The next fav is also from Trader Joe’s, it’s their absolutely fabulous Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette dressing.  Smooth, nutty, sweet, and spicy… What more could you want? It’s fantastic on salad, as a dip for spring rolls, or as a marinade for tofu. It’s so delicious, it makes me look forward to diving face first into a giant salad!

Ok, ok… This is the last Trader Joe’s product I’ll mention, but Hot Dang, it’s delicious! Trader Ming’s Kung Pao Tempura Cauliflower says “Ka-POW” to your taste buds! Another sweet and spicy treat, it crisps as you bake it, to make a tasty app! Serve it up over rice, and you have a meal that’s better than take out! 

Last, is Arctic Fox Hair Color. All vegan and cruelty free, this brand was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to dye my hair a vibrant purple. This stuff is no joke! In just minutes, this gives you vibrant color that lasts for weeks! They have a large range of fun colors, and I plan on trying more! Just beware, this dye will get all over your bathroom, shower, floor, etc., no matter how careful you are! 

What vegan treasures have you found?

February Favorites!

Better late than never, right? Well, it looks like I consumed an incredible amount of sugar last month… Here’s what I’ve found! 

Tofutti Yours Truly Cones are phenomenal… Sweet and creamy ice cream in a crunchy cone. I tried the vanilla, but they have a triple chocolate version that I will undoubtedly be stocking my freezer with.
It took me awhile to find the Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy P.B. & Cookies, but I  was hunting for it all over the place.  I finally found it at Kroger. (The hunt was totally worth it).  I was expecting it to be excessively sweet, but that wasn’t the case. This ice cream is made with almond milk, which gives it a mellow flavor, and then packed with Oreo clone cookies and swirls of salty peanut butter.  It you’re a fan of salty and sweet combos, this ice cream is for you. I’m really looking forward to finding the other flavors. I’ll report back!

Also shown above, are the Gardein Zesty Marinara Chiken Filets.  They’re the basic filets, but each packet comes with 2 packets of marinara sauce.  I made pasta with a simple olive oil, garlic, and rosemary sauce, then served the filets and marinara on top.  Flavorful, filling, and a little different from the usual pasta dinner. Try it! 

Sweet and Sara’s Toasted Coconut Marshmallows are freakin’ amazing! How they got the texture to be so spot on, I’ll never know, but the  super sweet marshmallow paired with the nutty coconut will quiet even the most persistent sweet tooth. 


Well, that does it for me! What awesome plant-based products have you found recently? 

January’s Treasures

Here’s some awesome stuff I found!

Ok, so first off, I apologize for not being able to accurately put the deliciousness of these candy bars into words.  Sweet-as-can-be caramel, on top of chocolate nougat, covered in dark chocolate made from rice milk.  Think of a better quality, veganized Milky Way bar.  Twilight Bars are hands down the best candy bars my mouth has ever had in it! Try these!!!


Beyond Meat Beefy Crumble is the best beef substitute I’ve had.  The texture is on point, and I absolutely love making tacos with it.  Check out my Taco Tuesday recipes that include these little crumbly bad boys.


So Delicious Coconut Milk French Vanilla Creamer is so good, my friends!  I mix it into fresh brewed coffee with stevia, and it’s better than any coffee shop, in my little coffee snob opinion.

Well, that does it for January’s Treasures! What have you found?