RAWMIO Organic Gourmet Chocolate Review – Vegans/Chocolate Lovers/Health Enthusiasts Rejoice!

Company:Rawmio Organic Gourmet Chocolate

“At RAWMIO, we embody the ultimate fusion of antioxidant-rich superfood nutrition and complete dark chocolate decadence. We originally set out to create the world’s best chocolate hazelnut spread that was raw, healthy and certified organic. We succeeded, and the product gained such a devoted following that we were about to establish our very own manufacturing facility. It was the beginning of it all.

Rawmio now includes a full range of 6 different chocolate dessert spreads, 9 nutrient-rich chocolate barks, glaze-free chocolate-covered sprouted nuts and fruits, chocolate bars, chocolate hearts, and heavenly raw chocolate truffle cakes. These decadent-yet-healthful treats are handcrafted in small batches with simple ingredients and are rich in both flavor and nutrient density. Our signature low temperature stone grinding process ensures that heat sensitive nutrients such as antioxidant flavonols, as well as the vast array of mood-boosting compounds found in cacao, remain intact for your maximum nourishment.”


Rawmio Mint Essentials Bar

Rawmio Organic Stone Ground Gourmet Puffed Cereal Crunch Bark

Rawmio Organic Stone Ground Gourmet Active Superfood Bark

Rawmio Chocolate Covered Sweet Cherries


Chocolate Lovers REJOICE! There’s now a way to satisfy your chocolate cravings with snacks that are delicious AND healthy!

Rawmio Organic Gourmet Chocolates are raw, vegan, fair trade, and certified organic! They offer a wide range of products that will make any Chocoholic happy… especially this girl! I was thrilled to try out some of their products and can’t wait to share them with you! Let’s go!

First up, is the Mint Rawmio Essentials Bar with 70% Cacao. This bar starts with single-origin cacao sourced directly from Peru, coconut sugar, and raw cacao butter, then mix with the perfect amount of peppermint essence. Some mint chocolates leave you wishing for more minty flavor and others make you feel like you just brushed your teeth. The chocolate to mint ratio of this bar is spot-on! You get a nice, refreshing burst of mint that pairs perfectly with the deep, rich dark chocolate flavor. This bar reminds me of a healthy, high quality version of Andes Mints that I used to eat back in the day!

The  Rawmio Organic Stone Ground Gourmet Puffed Cereal Crunch Bark also takes me back to my childhood! This decadent chocolate bark features Peruvian chocolate with 70% cacao and puffed quinoa. I absolute LOVE the crunch and texture of the puffed quinoa… and when paired with the smooth, rich dark chocolate, it really can’t be beat! This little bar is the healthy, grown-up cousin of the Crunch bar!

Rawmio Organic Stone Ground Gourmet Active Superfood Bark contains 4 ancient medicinal mushrooms, sprouted red clover, Peruvian maca root, and stone ground raw chocolate, topped with chia seeds and mulberry pieces. Yes, it most certainly sounds healthy… but how did it taste? I REALLY don’t like mushrooms, so I was skeptical.  I am happy to report that this bar was absolutely delicious! You’d never guess it contained mushrooms or was even a healthy snack! The chia seeds added a little crunch and the mulberry added a chewy element to the smooth texture of the dark chocolate. I really like this!

Last, but not at all the least, I tried the Rawmio Chocolate Covered Sweet Cherries. Sweet, chewy cherries covered in a layer of thick dark chocolate… seriously, what’s not to love? Honestly, I could (and would) eat these all day!

The Bottom Line

Rawmio Organic Gourmet Chocolate offers mouthwatering, high quality chocolates that junk food junkies and health enthusiasts alike will love! No detail is forgotten in these little snacks… the packaging is fantastic and the designs on the chocolate bars are so fun and adorable! I love that the chocolate is fair trade, certified organic, and of course, VEGAN! This says a lot of about the company… they care about your health, animals, people, and the planet. Now that’s a company that I want to support and stand behind! !

Thank you, Rawmio, for sending me these wonderful chocolates to review!

Absolute Green: Natural, Vegan Cleaning Products for Your Home!

Company: Absolute Green 

“A home improvement caused Karen to have an allergy-induced Asthma attack. Not wanting health issues to happen to another person or pet, she started refiguring some natural formulas started over 15 years ago.  Absolute Green developed into products that really work, smell great and have no harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances,  Made from 100% natural ingredients and pure essential oils, she’s created safe and all natural solutions for you, your family, your pets and the earth!

Absolute Green has taken the guessing out of “what cleans what” and eliminated the danger of using multiple toxic products, that could create adverse chemical reactions when mixed together, Get rid of those harsh cleaners and aerosols in your home and replace them with our non-toxic, effective and great smelling products.  Our products are a great alternative for those who are chemically sensitive or can’t tolerate synthetic fragrances.

Our products do NOT contain: Synthetic fragrances, Sulfates (SLS,SLES,ALS), GMO’s, Chlorine, Ammonia, Phthalates, Phosphates, Dyes or colorants.  We do NOT test on animals or use any animal by-products.  We are PETA endorsed. Cruelty Free and Vegan.”


Lemon Multi-Purpose Cleaner (25 fl. oz) $7.49 USD

Peppermint Air Freshener (4 fl. oz.) $6.50 USD


Are the cleaners you are using safe? Sure, they may have pictures of happy families and pets in their ads… but are they really safe to breathe in and touch? Standard cleaners (think Lysol, Clorox) contain harsh irritants that can cause serious damage to your skin, eyes, and lungs. Sure, they clean pretty well, but is it worth your health? Not to mention, those products are definitely tested on animals. How ridiculous!

I made the switch to natural products a few years ago and have never looked back! That’s why I was thrilled to try out this multipurpose cleaner and air freshener from Absolute Green!

The Lemon Multi-Purpose Cleaner contains plant-based surfactants, sugar-derived alcohol, and fruit oils to make a completely safe and effective cleaner! It has a natural lemon scent that is noticeable yet not overwhelming. It comes is a large 24 fl. oz. bottle with a powerful spray nozzle. It is great for appliances, grease, showers, tile, sinks, floors, mirrors, and just about any solid surface!

The one place in my home that always seems to be messy is my glass top range. It somehow always has dried food or smudges on it (it honestly makes me a little crazy!), so naturally this is the first place I used this cleaner. I am happy to report that it cut through grease, dried on tomato sauce (I really don’t know how it got there in the first place), and whatever else was there. I let the cleaner sit on the surface for a few minutes and it wiped completely clean! My cooktop was sparkly and smelled wonderful! I also used it to clean my sinks and it did a fantastic job there, as well. This cleaner gets an A+!

Next up, is the Peppermint Air Freshener. In all honesty, I stopped using air fresheners a long time ago. The thought of my pets breathing in all of those toxic chemicals was too much for me and I swore them off for good. I was so excited to give this all natural air freshener a try! It only contains a few ingredients: water, sugar-derived alcohol, peppermint oil, Lavandula Hybrida Oil, and Polysorbate 20.

Listen, let’s get real for a minute. If you’re vegan and you live with a non-vegan, you may notice that after they visit the bathroom that their *business* smells particularly bad. Now, I’m not saying that vegan $hit doesn’t stink, but holy moly meat and dairy do not having any redeeming qualities, including the bathroom odor it produces once digested.

If there was ever a test for an air freshener, using it after my non-vegan boyfriend visited the little boy’s room was it! I hyped myself up, walked into the bathroom and sprayed 3-4 times in the air. Within seconds, the bathroom was filled with the most refreshing peppermint scent… no poo detected! Seriously, if you knew how incredible the before and after was in that bathroom, you’d fall out of your chair!

The Bottom Line

Absolute Green products are a necessity in everyone’s home. There is no reason to put your family’s health at risk for the sake of cleaning. Natural products are the new standard and I highly recommend these products to keep your home clean, safe, and smelling fantastic!

Thank you, Absolute Green, for sending me these wonderful vegan and cruelty-free products to review!

The All Around Vegan Box – A must have for all vegan foodies and activists!

Before we get started, yes that is Bubbles in the feature image!!!

Company: All Around Vegan

Product: March 2018 All Around Vegan Box  (order now to get this month’s box!)


I love this subscription box.

End of review.

Just joking… but seriously, I love this subscription box for so many reasons! If you missed my previous review of the All Around Vegan Box, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Unlike other vegan subscription boxes that make you choose between bath and body, beauty or food products, the All Around Vegan Box comes with Lifestyle products, Nutritional products, Bath & Body products, and Activism Products. It is perfect for vegans that love trying new foods and new ways to learn and grow as activists. This box is also perfect for those that are transitioning into a vegan lifestyle… I mean, what’s better than getting a box full of vegan stuff at your door every month?!

So, what’s in the March box?

First, we have some delicious Carrot Oat Mini Cookies from Partake Foods.

They’re vegan, gluten-free, nut free, and soy free… I know what you’re thinking… “Yeah, they’re probably “flavor-free”, too.” Well, buddy, you’re wrong! These crunchy little cookies are packed with flavor! Cinnamon, carrot and oat make this cookie taste like a crispy little carrot cake, and I’m here for it!

Next, we have every vegan’s soulmate. NOOCH! That’s right, this month’s box includes Frontier Co-op’s Nutritional Yeast Flakes!

If you’ve never had nutritional yeast, drop what you’re doing, leave work early, drop the kids off at the babysitter, do what you gotta do and go get some. Better yet, just order this box! Anyway, I put nooch on veggies, pizza, popcorn, potatoes, salad, pasta, rice, you name it! It has a wonderful cheezy flavor and makes everything taste oh-so-good! I love that this little jar is perfect for taking with me. Hey, you never know when you’re gonna need a little nooch. You think I’m joking. I’m not. This stuff is awesome.

Next up, are the gimMe Organic Toasted Sesame and Sea Salt Premium Roasted Seaweed snacks. I’ve had these before and they’re definitely a unique and healthy snack! The sea weed is thin and crispy and packs a punch of salty flavor. They’re gluten-free, non-GMO, and certified organic. If you’re looking to spice up your snack game, you’ll like these!

Up next, is the Mint Valley Seed Co. Mustard Microgreens Growing Kit! How freakin’ cute! I was planning on growing some herbs in my kitchen for quite some time, but you know… life. This kit comes with all you need to grow little mustard greens in your home, and they’re ready to eat within a week!

Next up, is Happy Pits Sweet Orange All Natural Deodorant!

If you’re familiar with natural deodorants, you know that they either don’t work or they work pretty well but can really irritate your skin. This deo is aluminum and chemical free, and contains coconut oil, shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and organic tea tree oil. Arrowroot and baking soda keep you dry, while coconut oil and shea butter moisturize and give you “happy pits.” Now, if they could only make “Happy Hair” because my curls are looking pretty rough lately!

Last, this box included:The Modern Savage written by James McWilliams. The author “pushes back against the questionable moral standards of a largely omnivorous” while revealing “the scope of the cruelty that takes place even on the smallest and – supposedly – most humane animal farms.” “McWilliams advocates for the only truly moral, sustainable choice – a diet without meat, dairy, or other animal products.” Well, this sounds like the perfect book for activists and those that are interested in learning! *I’ll add an update once I’ve read it all!

The Bottom Line

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the All Around Vegan Box is my favorite subscription box! You get delicious foods, lifestyle products, bath and body products, and activism products… What more could you want?!

I don’t know of any other box that will help your pits smell great, give you reading material to add some more wrinkles on that big old vegan brain of yours, let you grow your own mustard greens, and gives you delicious snacks and nooch!

As you can probably tell, I highly recommend this box! Head on over to their website to check out their different subscription options!

Guest Post: Foie Gras, What is it and Why is it Still Being Served?!

With this whole artisan food craze, you may have noticed more and more restaurants including foie gras on their menus. If you’re a foodie, you have known about foie gras for years, and actually know how to pronounce it. { Fo Graaah } You have explained the contents of what makes up ‘foie gras’ but the conversation probably ended there. After you tell your friends that foie gras is actually the fatty liver of a goose or duck, there are no more questions. In reality, there are many questions to consider like; Are bird livers naturally fatty? Why is it so expensive? Is it normal for people to enjoy the liver of a goose? What does it taste like? What if it’s not fatty and just a normal liver? Why is it considered to be a delicacy? Those are just a few of the questions I’ve encountered, so before we go through the answers, let’s discuss a super brief history of foie gras.

Around 2,000 BC, the Ancient Egyptians discovered that right before geese go into hibernation in the winter, they eat lots of fatty food to bulk up as much as they can. But not only do their bodies get bigger and more plump, their livers grow as well. They grow to 4 times the size of a normal goose liver, but they become super large with fat. 

The Egyptians enjoyed the taste of the fatty goose liver, so this is when they actually began the ancient preparatory methods in order to make foie gras. They would feed the geese by hand large quantities of foods from the Nile river region. They would eventually force feed the bird tons of fatty food, in order to produce a goose with the fattiest liver possible. This was called “gavaging”, and this technique spread all throughout Europe. Eventually this delicacy, and the production methods, spread to North America, EXCEPT the force feeding is conducted with METAL tubes stuffed down their long throats which reach directly to their stomachs.

 Imagine being awake and aware of having a metal tube shoved down your esophagus, gag reflexes reacting but unable to follow through, because there is no way you can relieve oneself and throw up.  The long tube continues to be shoved down until it cannot possibly travel any further down. *Tap Tap Tap* the tube cannot go down any more, finally it must be hitting the bottom of the stomach! Now they can start the corn-feed being poured down the tube at an impossibly fast rate- ALL day and EVERY day. These geese have no choice whether they want to eat or not, no choice when and how often they eat, or what they eat. They don’t have a choice to become fat, no choice if they want to fly or walk, no choice except to blink. Blinking is all they can do. 

Some farmers noticed that the geese were so observant and adaptable, that when the goose saw the food coming and knew what was going to happen, they would actually ‘act out’ and try to refuse in some way or another. They would even make themselves sick due to the stress.  To avoid this, the ‘gavagers’ or farmers would start poking their birds’ eyes out so that they could no longer see the feeding coming. 

Their one remaining choice after being tied down, wings clipped, and tubes shoved down their throats, was to blink, and move their eyes to observe their surroundings. Those small choices were taken from them. Once the geese are blinded and fed, the gavaging is finished. The geese or ducks are now four times their natural weight and are slaughtered solely for their fatty livers.

Foie gras is banned in many countries but not here in the US. Many restaurants refuse to have it on their menu due to the inhumane method of production. However, you can still easily find and purchase foie gras.

To answer those previous questions; no, goose liver is not naturally fatty, it is only supposed to be slightly more fatty for the use of surviving hibernation in the wild. Yes, the liver of a goose is very small, but when forced fed in this method, it grows in size (to  about the size of your palm). Foie gras is expensive because it takes a lot of work from the farmers to produce it, and the chef has to do a lot of work to prepare the liver once they obtain it. 

People eat the birds’ liver in the form of a pâté or paste. It can be made into a foam or mousse and ingested that way as well, and the texture is described to be creamy, primarily due to the fact that the animal was fed mostly corn which produces a rich texture. Some people consider foie gras to be a delicacy because of its cost and history. Only the aristocratic part of society could afford to have it made. Due to the extensive preparation of foie gras, it costs $50 per pound today.

Farmers who ‘gavage’ their geese ensure that their animals are going to have the fattiest liver possible right before slaughter. There would be no use for a “healthy liver” in this industry. There has been a long debate in current history on whether the livers are considered “diseased.”. Whether consumers are eating a diseased liver or not, there is no denying that they are eating an unnaturally huge and overtly fatty liver of a goose or duck whose life was torture until slaughtered. 

Geese and ducks may not be the brightest of the bird species, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid. What they lack in “intelligence”, they make up for with their amazing energy conservation, adaptive behavior, and keen observation, which all three are complex in cognition {they’re not dumb!}. Geese use their brain-power in situations that can directly benefit their survival and food consumption. Other birds use precious calories to fuel the parts of their brains that  are responsible for strategy with sneaky behaviors, such as hiding food for later consumption. They basically use calories to fuel behaviors that stem from being fearful of other like-minded birds.

Geese do not use their calories in this way, because they do not see the direct benefits of this kind of sneaky behavior, in fact, it is completely unnecessary to them. Instead, they’ll use their brain-power to adapt to new environments, so that they can be in a grass field in the morning, fly to the beach in the afternoon, and finally end up in the middle of Manhattan at night! 

In all three locations, they know how to thrive because they are masters of their environments. In the grass field, geese eat grass, bugs, and worms, and are hyper aware of any predators nearby. On the beach, the same geese can swim to find food, fly over the water to spot food, swoop down from the sky into the water to hunt, or walk on the sand to find edibles. It seems that geese in a crowded city could not be any more unnatural. How could a goose thrive in a concrete jungle? Well, they learn very quickly that (most) humans are NOT hunters and can be trusted, dare I say even “helpful”, by feeding them. 

Geese learn to stick together in groups, find edible trash, find the closest park, trust most humans, stay away from cars, and basically thrive in a city just as well if not better within a city. Why would a goose end up in a city, why not stay at the beach or field, you ask? Well, geese migrate for the winter, so they are on the move. Perhaps a storm interrupts their travel from Antarctica to Mexico, and they end up in Barcelona, Venezuela. The geese remain in that city until the storm passes. 

If humans could fly and had wings, people would end up in all kinds of climates, environments, and all sorts of situations. So, by now I’m sure you realize that geese are extraordinary animals, to say the least, and are much needed in the bird world, the animal world, AND the world we all know and love. If you are ever in the situation to educate others about the cruel and unnecessary production of foie gras and the awesome abilities of geese/ducks, please take a stand! 

There’s absolutely no need to eat foie gras, or any other animal products, in this day and age. It is time to wave goodbye to out-dated beliefs and practices, and say hello to a compassionate, animal-friendly world.

Guest Post Contributed By: Kristen Massa

Banza Chickpea Pasta – The Perfect, Healthy Alternative for Pasta Fiends!

Company: Banza Chickpea Pasta

“Chickpeas make delicious pasta. That’s why we used them to create Banza®. We took a household favorite and made it even better, turning the pasta you love into the pasta that loves you back!”

Product: Banza Ziti Made From Chickpeas  – $25.00 USD for a case of six, 8 ounce boxes

Review: Who doesn’t like a great pasta dish? I know I do, but don’t eat it as often as I’d like because I’m trying to get “healthier.”

Well, needless to say, I was thrilled to try out this chickpea pasta from Banza! It only has 4 ingredients: Chickpeas, Tapioca, Pea Protein, and Xanthum Gum. This badass pasta is gluten-free, non-GMO, and of course, Vegan! Each 3.5 ounce serving contains 25 grams of protein (whoa!!!!), 13 grams of Fiber, and 43 grams of carbs! Did I mention it was gluten-free?

Ok, so you may have tried brown rice pasta or some other pasta varieties that just don’t cook nicely. They get mushy, stick together, or take on a not-so-appetizing gummy texture. I’m happy to report that this Ziti was simple to cook and it took just 8 minutes to get to the perfect, slightly more than al dente texture.

Trust me when that one serving will fill you up… even for the biggest pasta fiends! All of that protein, fiber, and carbs really make one satisfying meal! I’d love to make some into a pasta salad and take it with me for lunch or after the gym for some long-lasting energy.

I decided to make a Chiken Alfredo… something I haven’t had in a decade. I was worried that my cashew-based sauce was too thick (is there such a thing?) and it would cause the pasta to break apart. NOPE! The ziti and my crazy rich Alfredo sauce paired up perfectly!

The Bottom Line

Banza Chickpea Pasta is some pretty amazing stuff! I can’t get over how easy it was to cook! It tastes just like regular pasta, only it is jam packed with protein and fiber. This is perfect for people that love to carbo-load while watching Black Mirror (me!) or for fitness enthusiasts that want a satisfying, clean meal. I can’t recommend this pasta enough!

Thank you, Banza, for sending me your pasta to review!