Chelsea Handler’s Disappointing Support of Animal Cruelty

I had always thought the Chelsea Handler was a funny, intelligent, and out-spoken celebrity that stood up for equality. I watched her show on Cable, and I have even watched all of her episodes on Netflix. 

Chelsea features her dogs, Chunk and Tammy, on her show and/or social media, appearing to be an animal lover to all of her fans. 

Then…. she posted this picture on Instagram.

With the caption, “Sometimes you have to take meat into your own hands.” 

Being a celebrity, Chelsea has influence over her fans and followers, whether she likes it or not. Standing next to dismembered pigs was perhaps made even more disturbing by her completely oblivious smile. 

What can we do when celebrities support and promote animal cruelty and abuse? 

I, for one, will never watch another episode of her show, and I will share pictures such as these. Comment on her social media that these types of pictures, and this type of behavior, is wrong and will not be tolerated. 

One comment

  1. transforminglifenow · February 26, 2017

    I definitely agree with you on this one. The list of celebrities that I refuse to support in any way, shape or form seems to keep growing. Perhaps at some point people will realize that their actions have consequences. I’m not holding my breath, though.


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