Nectar Nourishing Food and Juice Café


Nectar Nourishing Food and Juice Café

853 Merrimon Avenue

Asheville, NC 28804

Atmosphere:  I’ve been wanting to visit this place since I moved here, and I’m glad I finally did! The atmosphere is like a super laidback yoga studio that happens to serve up plant-based food, juices, and smoothies.  Wooden tables, an earthy color scheme, and a noticeable airiness makes this place the perfect spot to chill and let your stress melt away. 

Food:  As always, I couldn’t decide what to order so I got the Mac & Cheese and Garbonzo 2’na Sandwich.  

The Mac & Cheese pictured above featured perfectly cooked pasta smothered in tons of vegan cheese sauce, paprika, and green onions.  The cheese was smooth and creamy, with a slight tang, nuttiness, and smoky flavor.  It was filling and delicious, all for $7.00!

The Garbonzo 2’na Sandwich ($7.50) was beautifully plated (as you can see), and was a great surprise.  I wasn’t expecting it to taste much like actual fish, but it did, and without the overpowering smell! It was covered with crunchy spiraled carrots, spring mix, and tomatoes on gluten-free seeded bread that was hearty and filling.  The fresh toppings and garbonzo bean mixture was reminiscent of tuna fish and was quite awesome.  I’d order it again for sure.

Dig it or Ditch it?

Dig it!  I felt relaxed as soon as I walked in, and was pleasantly surprised by the fresh and flavorful menu options.  Next time, I’ll try out their smoothies and pizza, and maybe even a little yoga! 

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