December Favs


Every Hail Merry product I’ve tried has been awesome, this Chocolate Almond Butter Tart is no exception! Super rich and chocolate-y with smooth almond butter in a thick chocolate crust… What’s not to like? Try the Chocolate Mint or Lemon Miracle Tart, or any variety of the macaroons… They’re all equally fabulous!


I picked up Amy’s Kitchen Cool Scoops Mocha Chocolate Chip ice cream, not knowing that it was created by a chef that worked at an up-scale vegan restaurant about 5 miles from my home.  I had actually eaten the entire container before I read the back of the package! 

 So, I have mixed emotions over this ice cream.  It was smooth and creamy, but the  little chocolate chips tasted more like carob chips to me.  Also, I’m quite a coffee snob sometimes, so the somewhat light coffee flavor left me a little unsatisfied.  So why the heck am I putting it in my December Favs? Well, I think this ice cream would make an awesome milk shake.  I’m going to buy it again, and blend it up with some sweetened almond milk and coffee. 

Karma Wellness Water was an unexpected find.  I just needed something to drink, and picked up the Pineapple Coconut flavor.  Whoa, this stuff is delicious (and fun)!  To drink this, you remove the seal, push down on the top to release the flavor and vitamin powder, and mix it up.  The powder had quite a bit of tropical flavor that I loved, but also contained green tea, potassium, and maca, to name a few.  This really did perk me up, and I will definitely try the other flavors really soon. 

That does it for the treasures I’ve found in December! I hope all of you have had a fun holiday season!

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