Vortex Doughnuts


Vortex Doughnuts

32 Banks Avenue, Suite 106

Asheville, NC 28801



Well, here’s a vegan-friendly coffee/donut shop in Asheville! Strong, specialty coffees and a selection of fresh, vegan donuts make the vibes of this place pretty awesome.  This place was designed for people to just come in and chill with free wifi and plenty of seating.


Freshly made, V-E-G-A-N D-O-N-U-T-S!  If those words didn’t make you hop in your car and drive over, I’m not sure what will.  I’ve tried plant-based donuts in the past, and they have been rubbery, dry, or really fall short in the flavor department.  These donuts, however, where little sugar coated miracles.  

The donut above was a sugar covered donut with a dark chocolate swirl.  It was fresh, light, chewy, and not the least bit dry.  The donut itself was fried and sweet, and the sugar coating amped up the sweetness. The dark chocolate swirl added a slight bitterness that kept the sugar-yness in check.  Words cannot do this justice. You just have to trust me and try it for yourself. 

Next, I tried the strawberry glazed donut.  The base donut was the same… Fresh, sweet, and perfect.  The strawberry glaze was sweet yet had a natural strawberry flavor. 

Dig it or Ditch it?

Dig it!!! These were hands down the best donuts I have ever eaten.  Let’s just say if I could eat these everyday, I’d be perfectly fine with gaining 100 pounds.  To make the place even better, they have BOGO hours during the week, so you get 2 of these bad boys for about $4!  Check out their social media accounts for updates and BOGO hours!

One comment

  1. captainwoods · December 10, 2015

    I feel drawn to that vortex donut. I can’t help myself! Seriously, I want to grab it right through the screen. Great story.


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