Green Sage Café


Green Sage Cafe

5 Broadway St

Asheville, NC

(828) 252-4450


Hellooooooo Asheville! I’ve officially relocated from Virginia Beach to Asheville, North Carolina! Instead of ocean views, now I am surround by mountains, and I’m so excited to try out all of the vegan food Asheville has to offer. 

Right in the heart of downtown Asheville, Green Sage Café offers up tons of vegan friendly breakfast and lunch options. With its active coffee shop scene, people of all ages visit to order a hearty meal, chill out with a nice cup of espresso, or do some work on their laptops. This spot is self -proclaimed as “Asheville’s Healthy Restaurant” and their mission is “to make nourishing food for our community using sustainable practices”. With the use of organic, non-GMO foods, and a separate waste bin for recycling and composting, this place lives up to its name. 


I ordered the Pura Vida Bowl with herbed tofu scramble in place of the eggs $8.50. This bowl was filled with brown rice, black beans, tofu scramble, fresh avocado salsa, grilled sweet potatoes, red onion, and sautéed kale.  This bowl had so many flavors and textures that played together beautifully. The fresh veggies added crunch to the beans and rice, and the tofu scramble added a savory herb flavor.  The grilled sweet potatoes were sweet and delicious. 


To drink, I ordered a large Pumpkin Spice latté with almond milk for $4.85. Coconut and soy milk were other non-dairy options. 3 shots of espresso in a huge mug would have been good enough for me (coffee addicts unite!!), but this was sweet and foamy, with a smooth pumpkin flavor. After moving from Virginia Beach the day before, this was a much needed pick-me-up.

Dig it or Ditch it?


Eco-conscious, laid back, fair priced, fresh and healthy vegan options? Umm, YES please! Asheville is lucky enough to have 3 Green Sage Café locations, and I predict that I will be visiting all of them frequently. Let me know if you give this place a try!

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