Blackbird Pizzeria


Blackbird Pizzeria

507 S. 6th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Atmosphere:  This place is casual, laid back, and the perfect place to chill and stuff your face with amazing vegan food.  Not just any vegan food, the BEST vegan food there is.  Blackbird Pizzeria is Philly’s first vegan pizzeria, and was voted to have 2 of the top vegan pizzas in the country! (Who voted and how do I get that job?!)

Anyway, I visited this place awhile ago, but if you ever find yourself in Philly, give this place a try. Their menu keeps getting better and more creative, and I can’t wait to try more.


I have to be honest, I almost died of excitement as I waited in line to order.  I had never been to a restaurant with so many vegan options before (in fact, they’re all vegan), and wanted to try absolutely everything. 

I ordered a slice of “The Haymaker” and a cheesesteak (Philly is home of the traditional cheesesteak so I was very curious to try a plantbased version).

Th Haymaker is a little piece of seitan sausage – red onion – garlic butter – Daiya cheese – tomato sauce – filled heaven.  The crust was thin and perfectly crispy. The zesty sausage was unbelievably delicious paired with the creamy Daiya, fresh onions and tomatoes, and garlic.  I usually like adding seasoning to my pizza, but this was perfect as is. An entire pie is $12 (I’d pay way more).

The Seitan Cheesesteak ($9.00) was awesome!  This baby features perfectly textured, rosemary flavored seitan, smothered in vegan cheese whiz, grilled peppers and onions, house made ketchup on a fresh, chewy roll. They hit this one out of the park! 

I also had a bite of my friend’s Cubano sandwich ($8.50). Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of it, but it had smoked tofu, seitan pepperoni, coconut bacon, onions, Daiya, and grain mustard aioli.  At this point, I was pretty full, but I wanted to order about 20 of these to go. All of the ingredients were fresh and flavorful, but the aioli, oh that fabulous- make-my-eyes-water-it’s-so-good grain mustard aioli, made this one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.  My friend said the same thing, and she happens to be a carnivore. 

Dig it or Ditch it?

Well I couldn’t hide my love for this place.  It’s a definite DIG IT!  Like Hampton Roads, Philly has a lot of great vegan food, and I can’t wait to go back!  Please visit Blackbird Pizzeria, it will change your life and inspire you to find and/or cook masterpieces of your own! 

P.S.  I ordered an entire Haymaker pie, and ate it on my drive back home to Virginia Beach. #iregretnothing

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