Calling All Vegan Foodies!

Does your area have vegan food options that you’ve tried and would like to tell others about? If so, vegans everywhere would like to know!

I’m looking to expand the area of my Vegan Treasure Hunt by featuring reviews from other bloggers.  By doing this, we can share the best vegan food spots, and which ones to avoid, with the plant based community!

For each review, the restaurant name, address, and website should be included.  A description of the restaurant’s atmosphere and service is useful.  Clear pictures of the food you ordered, a detailed description of the dish, and the prices should be included. As in my reviews, please indicate whether you “Dig it”or “Ditch it” ( you recommend that others try the place or you don’t).

You will be given full credit for your review.  This site gets more and more viewers everyday, and this is a great way to promote your own blog/website/social media accounts.

Send reviews to

I look forward to reading them!

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