Tower 7 Baja Mex


4 N. Lumina Avenue

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

Atmosphere:  I decided to use my Labor Day weekend to check out Wrightsville Beach, a little beach town next to Wilmington, North Carolina.  This spot seemed to be the place to be… It featured a huge bar lined with a million different hot sauces with a friendly beach bum vibe.  The menu had several vegan options including a veggie bowl salad, fresh Guac, and tofu burritos. 

Food: Well, I’m never the girl that turns down guacamole, so I got a large order for $7.95. It was super smooth, and had very subtle onion/cilantro flavor… It pretty much tasted like straight avocado (no complaints here!).  I tend to like my guacamole on the chunkier side with big pieces of onions and tomatoes, but I liked this! It was light and delicious with the salty, house-made tortilla chips. 

Also pictured above is the salsa (free), which was surprisingly spicy. 

Next up, after a heated internal debate between the veggie bowl salad and tofu burrito, I finally decided on the burrito ($10).  I was expecting a Chipotle clone, with seasoned tofu crumbles, rice, beans, and a mountain of guacamole on top.  What I got actually surprised me.  A foot long burrito filled with lightly seasoned strips of tofu, black beans, rice and veggies was a pleasant surprise.   It was light, fresh, flavorful, and pretty damn good. And I didn’t feel like I ate an entire village or felt compelled to contemplate the meaning of life after I finished it, like I do every time I eat Chipotle.


Dig it or Ditch It? 

Dig it! The laid back attitude, friendly service, and delicious, fresh ingredients makes this place an awesome vacation spot.  Next time I visit, I’ll get some food to go for a picnic on the beach. Try this place out, and get a few margaritas for me! 

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