Vegan Treasures from September 

Heyyyy there! September is just about over, so here’s what I’ve  been loving this month! 

First up is GoodBelly Probiotic Juice Drink. A few weeks ago, I was given little packets of probiotics to put in my dog’s food to help out her digestion.  Then it dawned on me that I haven’t been taking any probiotics whatsoever.  I found this drink, which is clearly labeled vegan (love that!), and it was on sale for $2.50!  I tried the Blueberry Acai flavor, which was absolutely light, fresh, sweet, and delicious!  It smells exactly like blueberry yogurt, and tastes a lot like it too.  I actually do notice better digestion and plan on getting the Mango flavor next time. 

Next, is Larabar Alt Protein Chocolate Chip Macaroon Bar.  These are made with pea protein and taste pretty good (compared to vegan protein shakes)!  I always stock up on Larabars when they’re on sale… I got these for $1 each.  I’ve made my own versions in the past, but these are so convenient.  As you can see, I stocked up.

Next up, is a pet product.  My little dogs are prone to those drippy eyes that cause them some irritation and staining of their fur.  I googled for the best eye wipes, and found Happy Tails Eye pads, which claim to clean and prevent stains as seen in pic below from the website.  I do not use these regularly on the pups, but I do use them when they have build up or staining. The pads work well to clean the eye area if your pet will sit still to let you use them.  The staining has also improved, but I think it may be due to a change of diet, etc.  All in all, I really like this product. 

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to post a pic of my girls! 🐶🐾

Last, I’ve been feeling pretty artsy lately and found the ColorMe Coloring App for Adults.  It’s free and has a bunch of different design to “color” (pick a color and click the area you want to fill in).  It’s fun and I may actually go and buy a coloring book now! #nottoooldtocolor 

Here’s a screenshot of one I’m doing now.


What have you been loving this month?

Calling All Vegan Foodies!

Does your area have vegan food options that you’ve tried and would like to tell others about? If so, vegans everywhere would like to know!

I’m looking to expand the area of my Vegan Treasure Hunt by featuring reviews from other bloggers.  By doing this, we can share the best vegan food spots, and which ones to avoid, with the plant based community!

For each review, the restaurant name, address, and website should be included.  A description of the restaurant’s atmosphere and service is useful.  Clear pictures of the food you ordered, a detailed description of the dish, and the prices should be included. As in my reviews, please indicate whether you “Dig it”or “Ditch it” ( you recommend that others try the place or you don’t).

You will be given full credit for your review.  This site gets more and more viewers everyday, and this is a great way to promote your own blog/website/social media accounts.

Send reviews to

I look forward to reading them!

Educate Yourself

NETFLIX! I would have never thought that the service responsible for entire weekends lost to binge watching ridiculous TV series would be such an outstanding source of information for sustainable, healthy, and cruelty free vegan lifestyles.

Documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, Blackfish, The Cove, Vegucated, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and most recently Cowspiracy, are becoming more and more well known.  I’ve read that Cowspiracy has really hit home with the public, inspiring individuals and even a restaurant in Texas to go completely plant-based…And it’s only been available for a short time! It makes me little vegan heart swell up with pride! ❤️🐾

It’s a fact that some people’s minds are so closed that they will not absorb the info presented in these documentaries, and it’s a sad fact that some people’s hearts actually don’t care about their own health, their families health, the environment, or innocent animals.  What these people don’t consider is the fact that in a generally short period of time, everyone will be vegan. If not out of health/ethical concerns, it will be out of necessity.

The meat industry is simply unsustainable, not to mention horrifically cruel.  If more people were lead by their hearts instead of their stomachs, the world would be a better place.  I am so thankful for Netflix and all the available documentaries that shed light and truth to inspire change.

Tower 7 Baja Mex


4 N. Lumina Avenue

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

Atmosphere:  I decided to use my Labor Day weekend to check out Wrightsville Beach, a little beach town next to Wilmington, North Carolina.  This spot seemed to be the place to be… It featured a huge bar lined with a million different hot sauces with a friendly beach bum vibe.  The menu had several vegan options including a veggie bowl salad, fresh Guac, and tofu burritos. 

Food: Well, I’m never the girl that turns down guacamole, so I got a large order for $7.95. It was super smooth, and had very subtle onion/cilantro flavor… It pretty much tasted like straight avocado (no complaints here!).  I tend to like my guacamole on the chunkier side with big pieces of onions and tomatoes, but I liked this! It was light and delicious with the salty, house-made tortilla chips. 

Also pictured above is the salsa (free), which was surprisingly spicy. 

Next up, after a heated internal debate between the veggie bowl salad and tofu burrito, I finally decided on the burrito ($10).  I was expecting a Chipotle clone, with seasoned tofu crumbles, rice, beans, and a mountain of guacamole on top.  What I got actually surprised me.  A foot long burrito filled with lightly seasoned strips of tofu, black beans, rice and veggies was a pleasant surprise.   It was light, fresh, flavorful, and pretty damn good. And I didn’t feel like I ate an entire village or felt compelled to contemplate the meaning of life after I finished it, like I do every time I eat Chipotle.


Dig it or Ditch It? 

Dig it! The laid back attitude, friendly service, and delicious, fresh ingredients makes this place an awesome vacation spot.  Next time I visit, I’ll get some food to go for a picnic on the beach. Try this place out, and get a few margaritas for me!