Guads Mexican Restaurant 


200 21st Street #106

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

(757) 961-4011

Atmosphere: This oceanfront location is Super casual, laid back, and gives off come here and party vibes.  There’s pleny of indoor and outdoor seating, just steps away from the water. Gigantic margarita bowls, frozen daiquiris and piña coladas make it easy to stay here awhile after a nice day on the beach.

Food: Upon arrival, we were served free chips and salsa, pictured above. The tortilla chips didn’t appear to be made in-house… but hey, they were crunchy, salty,and held up the salsa, so job well-done Chips!  The mild salsa was fresh, had chunky pieces of tomato and onion, and a great cilantro flavor.  Check out the poncho on the Corona!

I ordered the “Fresh Guacamole” for $8.00, pictured above. At first taste, I got a mouthful of lime flavor, then onion, and last avocado. I describe this as more of a salad than a traditional creamy guacamolé, because the avocado, onion, green pepper, and cilantro were not blended together whatsoever. The ingredients were extremely fresh, and I did noticed a subtle spice, but didn’t find any jalapeño peppers in the mixture.

 Next, I tried the Vegetarian Fajitas ($12) and specifically asked for no sour cream or cheese. The tortillas were warm and chewy.  The rice was perfectly cooked and had a mild flavor.  The tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, and onions were fresh and offered cooling relief when wrapped up with the fajita vegetables. The only descernable flavor that the mixture of cauliflower, zucchini, onion, carrots, and green peppers offered was a strong smokey grilled flavor. All together,  the flavors blended nicely. (I did not eat the refried beans… They are sometimes made with dairy, and since things are often lost in translation, I just skipped them over.)

I also ordered a piña colada (small-$5) which was flavorful, had bits of pineapple,  and (most importantly) contained a good amount of rum. The large was $10… (Darn, maybe next time). ¡Salud!


The Get-Your-Party-On-Friendly-Beach Vibes, fresh ingredients, fair prices, and fast service makes this a definite “DIG IT!“. So put on your best pair of flip flops and get your butt over there after a beach day!  Have yourself a great time and a drink for me!

¡Buen provecho!

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