China Moon


China Moon
2346 Virginia Beach Blvd #7A
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
(757) 463-3671

Atmosphere: Well, I have to be honest, I’ve never eaten in this place. It’s in a shopping plaza, and is relatively small. Some day, I’ll have to actually eat there. I have, however, ordered delivery from them about 30 times (or more), so this is more of a love letter to China Moon than a review. Ok? Good.

The first thing I love about China Moon is the exceptionally fast and friendly delivery. It always arrives in less than 25 minutes, and is always handed to me by the most friendly delivery man I’ve ever encountered. Love it.


Words will never truly express how much I adore the food. Where I’m from, there was no such thing as General Tso’s tofu. I was familiar with the chicken, but not this magical tofu dish. Of all the times I have ordered, I have gotten this. It was love at first bite. Meant to be.

Fried until slightly crispy, this firm tofu is covered in a thick, sweet brown sauce sent from the Gods themselves. It has very, very subtle hint of pepper that perfectly compliments the sweetness.  I pair this with vegetable fried rice, and it’s a match made in heaven… The romance of the century… Food’s power couple!

I have also tried the vegetable spring rolls, which are fried, crunchy, and flavorful.  The vegetable lo mein is on point, with perfectly cooked noodles and veggies in a signature sauce.


I think you guessed already, but DIG IT! I love their food so much, I usually order it every week. Outstanding quality and flavors, paired with quick and friendly delivery??? Sign me up! So give them a call and put on some Netflix. Fabulous food will be there in no time!

***If you haven’t already, please sign the petition to help put a stop to YuLin Dog Meat  Festival, located in my last post. Speak  up for those that can’t speak up for themselves!

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