Domo Sushi


Domo Sushi

4540 Princess Anne Rd.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

(757) 474-1766


This is a unique (cough, cough) strip mall Japanese restaurant. I’m not quite sure how to describe this place, soooo I’ll just name things that were on the wall: bamboo, pieces of wood, long purple fabric fringe, orange paint, TONS of wine bottles.  I was seated right next the kitchen, and was one of very few people there.  Service was friendly, but unfortunately, incorrect.


I was thrilled to see fried tofu on the menu, it is one of my favs, so I ordered it for $4.  I also ordered the veggie tempura for $5 (more fried stuff, yay!), and Pad Thai for $9.  This place pretty much had all of my favs, but did not have a large selection of veggie rolls to choose from.

The fried tofu was served quickly (pictured above).  It looked lovely from a distance, but as soon as I attempted to cut into it, I was actually shocked.  The fried outer covering was slimy, bumpy, and stretchy… similar to what I remember chicken skin being like (I was truly disgusted).  Although this caught me extremely off guard, I put my big girl pants on, and was brave enough to take a bite. Nothing. It tasted like absolutely nothing. About 10 minutes later, the sauce was brought out that belonged with this appetizer.  The sauce was somewhat sweet and spicy, and It did improve the tofu to some extent.

The veggie tempura was decent. It was greasier than I would have liked, but overall the batter was crunchy and light, the way I like it. The plate came with a large piece of broccoli, a mushroom, an onion, and several pieces of sweet potato.

As I waited for my meal, the waitress needed to clarify my order. No big deal. Ten minutes later, several dishes were placed in front of me, none of which happened to be what I ordered (or vegan).  The waitress was very apologetic, and brought out the Pad Thai shortly after.

The Pad Thai had large slices of onion in it… which is why the only flavor I could pick up in this dish was onion and salt.  The noodles were cooked well, but it was missing depth of flavor and peanuts (What the heck is Pad Thai with no peanuts?! No good, that’s what).


This is my first official DITCH IT. There is no vegan treasure here.  I do not recommend this place due to its strange décor, the wait staff’s inability to serve the correct food, and overall lack of flavor. Was it edible? Sure, but I will not be returning. Sorry, Domo!

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