Orenda Skin Care – Illuminating Face Wash and Face Serum 

Brand: Orenda Skin Care

Orenda Skin Care uses unrefined, plant-based ingredients. Their products are Leaping Bunny and PETA Certified and are “proven to help prevent, treat, and heal skin concerns.” 


Illuminating Face Wash with Vitamin C (200 ml)

Illuminating Face Serum (20 ml)


The Illuminating Face Wash with Vitamin C ($42.00 USD) is a clear liquid cleanser that has a clean, fresh scent. It easily works into a nice light lather between your hands. One pump is enough to remove all of my make up. It leaves my skin feeling thoroughly clean and healthy, never tight or dried out. I actually look forward to washing my face wth this! I’ve never thought or made this statement before, so that’s saying something!  

The Illuminating Face Serum has a fresh herbal scent and the consistency of a light oil. The top ingredients are Rosehip Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil. In the AM and PM, I use 1 pump for my entire face, or 2 pumps for my face, neck, and chest area. 

This serum leaves the skin feeling dewy with a subtle glow, but is not heavy or greasy. It is so effective that I skipped my moisturizer all together. It absorbs completely in 5-10 minutes and made my foundation go on much easier. This serum sells for $89.00 USD and is definitely worth the price.

The sleek, sophisticated and absolutely beautiful packaging of these products is just another plus when it comes to this line of skin care. I usually try to put my products in a drawer to remain out of sight, but these products are so pretty, I just have to leave them out on my bathroom counter! I mean, look at them! 

Bottom Line: These products have significantly benefited my skin. My face is noticeably moisturized, less red, and the texture is improving. I would absolutely recommend Orenda Skin Care to my friend and followers, and will purchase these items and more in the future! 

Thank you, Orenda Skin Care, for providing these items for me to try and review! 

Miz Magickal – Whipped Body Butter & Lip Balm Review

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to bring on the summer! This includes longer days, more time outside, and of course, summer scented body products! 

It’s not enough that a product smells great. It also has to get the job done, which is why I’m so happy to have tried out some products from Miz Magickal! Lisa, the owner, was kind enough to send me her Whipped Body Butter and Lip Balm to review. 

Miz Magickal is a new company based on positive energy, meditation, peace and serenity. All products are free of emulsifiers, parabens, and phthalates, and the lip balms are beeswax free! YESSS! Save the bees!

I chose the Whipped Body Butter in the Sweet Orange and Vanilla Scent (2 oz.). This product hits your nose with notes of sweet citrus and leaves behind the scent of vanilla and cocoa butter, along with a subtle sheen/glow on the skin. It is the consistency of a thick mousse and is easily worked into the skin!

So… this body butter passed the fragrance test, but did it actually work?? For the ultimate test, I used this on my legs right after shaving and on my always dry, and not so cute, footsies. I am happy to report that my legs are as soft and smooth as (body) buttah!! My feet look and feel wayyyyyy better after just a few uses! 

The Orange Lip Balm (.15 oz.) comes in the CUTEST bright pink tube and I absolutely love it! It has a very similar scent to the Body Butter, with sweet notes of citrus, organic coconut oil, and cocoa butter. This balm glides on easily and leaves behind a subtle shine, perfect for when you don’t want to fuss or when when you want to pull a look together. It is not sticky or tacky in the slightest, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck in it on a windy day (Hooray!). I put this on before bedtime, and my lips were noticeably softer. It’s a winner in my book!

So, if you’re looking for vegan and cruelty-free products that are effective and made from good people, give Miz Magickal a try! Check out her newly launched website to see all of her available products, and follow her on Instagram @mizmagickal! 


Simple and Delicious Tofu Scrambles

Just a little food porn for ya… 

Tofu scramble with sautéed spinach and onions, with garlic, salt, pepper, and turmeric! I love to eat this with Light Foods Fakin’ Bacon for delicious, healthy “Bacon and Eggs.” It’s absolutely delicious and no animals had to die! It’s also packed with protein!

Do you make tofu scrambles? What’s your favorite recipe? 

Memphis Meats’ Slaughter-Free “Clean” Chicken Products

Ladies and Gentleman,

The future of meat is Here! Memphis Meats has just released it’s “Clean Chicken”! This chicken product is… chicken, only without all of the unnecessary animal cruelty.

The chicken is basically grown in a lab, and is derived from actual chicken cells. This difference is, this meat is just a lump of meat. It is not cut off the bone of an innocent animal. It is not laden with bacteria and antibiotics. It does not contribute to irreparable damage to the environment. It is not a body part of an animal that wanted to live.

It is 100% cruelty-free… the way all food should be.

Check out their Video

What are your thoughts on this? Would you try it?



Buh-bye, Milk! 

It’s no surprise that the meat and dairy industry is experiencing significant losses over the past few years…
People are waking up! Milk isn’t good for you, and it’s time we un-brainwash ourselves! Milk contains large amounts of pus and bacteria, not to mention antibiotics, steroids, cholesterol, and other contaminants that I don’t even want to think about. Milk also makes the human body acidic, which the body tries to correct by releasing calcium into the blood stream. Where does that calcium come from? 

Yup! You guessed it! It comes from your bones, leaving them in worse shape than before you drank that glass of milk in the first place. Just fyi, the same thing happens when you eat ANY animal products. 

So… this whole time the milk and dairy industry was lying to you. 

Milk is also responsible for the killing of baby cows. Female cows are artificially inseminated to keep them pregant, over and over again. Many people think they just make milk… Nope, just like female humans, they need to be pregnant to do so. Once they give birth, the baby is immediately ripped away from the mother and shoved into a tiny, filth crate where it will stay for a few months, only to be slaughtered for veal. This process emotionally destroys the mother. She is then impregnated again, or is killed for beef. 

Sound insane, disgusting, and cruel? 
Well, you’re right. It is. 

Try plant-based milk. Try almond, cashew, or coconut milk… all cruelty free and infinitely healthier. 

Congrats to Elmhurst Dairy for changing your ways and realizing that plants are the future! 

Kiss My Face 32 oz. Tropical Coconut Body Lotion 

Am I the only one that can’t freakin’ wait for it to warm up outside? Come on Spring and Summer… hurry your fabulous selves up and get here already! 

 Rant over.

Kiss My Face sent me this fabulous lotion to review, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! 

First, let’s start with the scent… the sweet coconut aroma is absolutely addicting. It instantly transports you to the beaches of Hawaii. Just whip up a pina colada, and kiss your winter blues goodbye! 

The new 32 oz. size is pretty awesome… especially since it retails for $13.99 USD on their website. Use promo code: 32OZKISS on their online store for $3 off until 3/24/17!

This lotion seriously kicked my dry, winter skin’s butt! My skin was tight, itchy, and was actually starting to flake… but with just a few applications, my skin is infinitely better! 
The consistency is thick, but is easy worked into the skin and absorbs quickly. It will definitely take me a while to use up all of this lotion, but I fully intend on getting more once I do.

Thank you to all of the kind folks at Kiss My Face for making cruelty free products that are effective and affordable! 

Chelsea Handler’s Disappointing Support of Animal Cruelty

I had always thought the Chelsea Handler was a funny, intelligent, and out-spoken celebrity that stood up for equality. I watched her show on Cable, and I have even watched all of her episodes on Netflix. 

Chelsea features her dogs, Chunk and Tammy, on her show and/or social media, appearing to be an animal lover to all of her fans. 

Then…. she posted this picture on Instagram.

With the caption, “Sometimes you have to take meat into your own hands.” 

Being a celebrity, Chelsea has influence over her fans and followers, whether she likes it or not. Standing next to dismembered pigs was perhaps made even more disturbing by her completely oblivious smile. 

What can we do when celebrities support and promote animal cruelty and abuse? 

I, for one, will never watch another episode of her show, and I will share pictures such as these. Comment on her social media that these types of pictures, and this type of behavior, is wrong and will not be tolerated. 

Goodbye, Ringling Brothers!

After 146 years of animal torture and abuse for the sake of “entertainment”, Ringling Brothers will be closing their doors! Animal rights activists have protested outside of shows for almost 4 decades to put an end to the unnecessary exploitation of elephants, tigers, lions, and other wild animals.

After removing elephants from their acts back in May 2016, Ringling Brothers representatives reported a significant drop in ticket sales. Read more about it, here.

2017 has already been a winning year for animals, and we’re just getting started! Sign petitions, go protest, and speak up for animals! We are on the winning side of history!

September & October Favorites

Well, hello there! Happy Halloween! I’ve been hunting for some great products these last couple of months, and here’s what I’ve found! 

Image from sharelittlesecrets.com

First, you CANNOT miss Little Secrets Peanut Butter Butter Dark Chocolate candies… they’re a mix of a crunchy candy shell, dark chocolate, and smooth peanut butter. They’re basically like eating a vegan combo of M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. The raspberry flavor is great too… sweet raspberry and dark chocolate, what’s not to like? 

Image from renpure.com

I’ve been using Renpure hair products for about a year now. Of course, they’re vegan and cruelty free, and feature coconuts as a main ingredient, in some form or another! Currently, I’m using the Coconut Creme Nourishing Shampoo and Bamboo Coconut Water Conditioner. Their products smell delicious and get the job done! You can find their products at Target!

Next up, the amazing Pure Genius Chocolate Chunk Blondie, made from chick peas! This blondie is a like sweet, chewy, and satisfying chocolate chip cookie! I found these bad boys at Whole Foods. Give ’em a try! 

Of course I can’t forget another sweet treat (hooray for sugar!), the Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie White Chocolate Chip Macadamia flavor. This thing is vegan, soy free, made with Non-GMO ingredients, and is packed with 16 grams of protein. Umm… how awesome is it to eat a delicious cookie for breakfast and feel good about it?

Last but definitely not least, Leonardo DiCaprio continues his efforts to save the environment after Cowspiracy, with his new documentary, “Beyond The Flood.” This doc focuses on human activity and the need for immediate change in order to save the planet from global warming. It also includes scientific research and explanations as to why the United States government has done very little regarding environmental issues, despite the fact that it is now crucial for humans to change their lifestyles to preserve wildlife, as well as clean air and water. Watch “Beyond The Flood” on YouTube for free, here.

Oh, and if you want my recipe for the fabulous caramel apples pictured at the beginning of this post, check it out on worldofvegan.com

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a happy and healthy Halloween!

Nine Mile West


Nine Mile West

751 Haywood Road

Asheville, North Carolina 28806

Atmosphere: This vegetarian/vegan spot is right in the middle of trendy, casual West Asheville, and serves up “Caribbean inspired pasta dishes, rice dishes, a handful of traditional pasta dishes, daily specials, and an array of locally made desserts.” As with most Asheville restaurants, they offer locally made microbrews and seasonal wines as well.  This place is super laid back and casual, with Bob Marley providing the sound track for your meal.

Food: Check out their large menu of Caribbean meals here

I ordered the “Jamaican Me Crazy” meal with jerk tofu. The red curry/coconut sauce gave the dish a sweet and smoky flavor which was lightened up with veggies, including; red peppers, roasted tomatoes, red cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, and green onion. The jerk tofu added protein and heartiness, and the fluffy basmati rice soaked up all of the flavors perfectly. 2 big pieces of their wonderful, overly-garlicked (I may have made that word up, but it works) “Natty Bread” rounded out the healthy, filling, and flavorful lunch.

DIG it or DITCH it?

DIG IT! Check this place out if you like Carribean flavors, laid back vibes, and locally made spirits.  There are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and raw options… So there’s something for everyone. One Love! ❤️